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What is Patent Translation?

The process of translating patent documentation into another language is known as patent translation. Most non-English patent office’s requires a patent application to be submitted in their official language. Patent paperwork typically consists of patent specifications, office actions (later stages), attorney correspondence, and any other materials needed for the filing during the prosecution of a patent.

Difficulties in Patent translation?

The translation of patents is very competitive. Of course, linguistic difficulties are one of the factors, but the extremely high level of delicate technicalities involved is what makes patent translations competitive. Many times, patents related to the industry contain overly technical illustrations, technical text, renderings, etc. The patents are so important, that translators are frequently needed to provide a literal translation of the relevant notations and other information related to the patent’s technology.  

Centriik’s approach for patent and design translation.

Our team of translators have years of experience and proven expertise in translation for a variety of industries. Our translators’ expertise is not limited to any particular language or language pair, or any particular industry, but extends to translations in over 100 languages worldwide, including (but not limited to) French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, etc. We work with a group of skilled patent translators who have both linguistic competency and knowledge of the field of patent technology. Our patent translations go through a number of approved quality tests to make sure they are correct and up to par on all counts.

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